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Common Questions

What to Expect If You Order

You can order online, or call to order by phone at 1-888-587-2383 ext1. You can expect a beautiful product in a timely manner from friendly professionals! Read what to expect step-by-step.

What Does AQ, UV, Etc. mean?

These are different types of gloss finishes. AQ means glossy, UV mean high gloss. We could explain it further, but it's much better to see for yourself. Most of our products have a product video.

How Long Will it Take?

Business Card printing usually takes 4-5 business days (this is just a general guideline) but rush orders are sometimes available. This does NOT factor in your file preparation time or shipping times all of which can vary dramatically. Please call for a more complete turnaround estimate at 1-888-587-2383 ext 1.

File Preparation

Here's the most common file prep questions and their answers:

Q: Can you design my graphics for me?

A: Yes!! We can design your Business Card for a flat fee of just $69. Read more.

Q: Can I use my own graphics?

A: Yes! You will be asked to upload your files in the cart. We will set up your files for you but if you wish, you can set them up on our blank templates.

Q: Can I design online?

A: No. We feel our low cost design service is a much better option. The effectiveness of your advertising will be hugely affected by the quality of your graphics.

Who We Are

We believe that low prices should not come at the expense of great service. We also believe that ordering print online can be a wonderful and convenient experience. We've been delivering high-quality print products to our clients since 2007 and we're always looking to to improve the quality of our services! Read more about who we are here.

Still have Questions? Don't hesitate! Call 1-888-587-2383

It's my first order. How does this work?

This is a common question. Here is a step-by-step walk-through:

  • You can add products to your cart and checkout online or you ca call us to order at 1-888-587-2383.

  • If ordering from our website, you will be asked to upload print files for your products, or instructions for design if you chose our design service.

  • We will send you proofs generally within 1 business day of receiving your graphics or design instructions. You should DEFINITELY look your proofs over very carefully before you approve them because you are effectively saying “this is what I want”, and if there are any mistakes in the proofs, you have accepted responsibility for that mistake. As the customer, you is responsible to proofread and review proofs because you are most familiar with your correct phone number, address, spelling of your business name etc. If there is a mistake or an issue, let us know and we will correct it and send corrected proofs.

  • Once you have approved your proofs, your job is sent to print. The turnaround varies from product to product.

  • We ship to the Contiguous United States for free via UPS and most shipments take 1-2 business days after printing.

Can you rush my order?

Some products can be rushed. Additional fees will apply and vary depending on the product and the quantity.

Please call us immediately if you have a rush order to place at 1-888-587-2383 or Text 289-975-9956 ext 1

We Can Design Your Business Card for $69!

We offer design for Business Card at a low flat-rate cost! This includes your first draft design plus up to 4 revisions for 5 total versions - usually this is more than enough 95% of the time. Extra rounds of revisions will cost $10 each.

The small additional investment in design often means a more effective marketing piece and a more profitable marketing campaign. Read more about how it works here or call us at 1-888-587-2383 or Text 289-975-9956 to discuss.

More Info on Business Cards

There are a lot of options for business cards, so we've split them into these three categories. Our standard cards are the cheapest of the lot, but the quality is still very good. Unless you're looking to make a very big impression, you should stick with these. The plastic cards are unique and come in solid white, semi-transparent (frosted) and clear options along with standard round corners. These are great for gift cards or for certain industries. The luxury cards are all printed on our Silk Laminated stock. These have a matte look similar to the Matte Coating but a silky, unforgettably smooth feel to them. We also offer gold or silver foil stamping as well as Spot Gloss for the Luxury cards.

What size is Standard?

The standard business card is 2 x 3.5. We offer most of our business card types in slimmer options as well for a different look, but we do recommend sticking with the standard size if you're unsure.

What is UV Gloss?

For UV Gloss (high gloss) coatings you'll see we offer 'UV Gloss on Front Only' as well as just 'UV Gloss'. Products with UV Gloss have gloss on all printed sides by default, but if you'd like it on one side only of a 2 sided card, you can select the 'UV Gloss on Front Only' option. This option is available because UV Gloss cannot be written on with a pen, and leaving one side without the UV Gloss will allow you to write on one side. The other side still has a very slight gloss.

What's the difference between Uncoated and Matte Coating?

Matte Coating is often confused with Uncoated but they are actually quite different. The Matte Coating is a nicer product and has more of a Satin finish. It can be written on with a pen easily. The Uncoated option is recommended if you're stamping your cards with an ink stamp (such as buyer loyalty card). This is because the lack of coating allows the ink to be absorbed. The uncoated is also good if you're looking for a very natural look.

What are Spot UV and Foil?

Spot UV (Spot Gloss) and Foil are both ways to make your Luxury Business Cards stand out even more. Spot Gloss means we apply gloss to just a specific area of the card (the rest of the card being non-glossy) and can be used to accent a logo or text, or you can create stand-alone glossy design on your card. Foil is used in a similar way, most often people do their name or business name in gold or silver foil to really accentuate their card.

What are your Round Corner options?

The most common round corner size is 1/4" radius but we can also do 1/8" radius which is quite a bit smaller (close to the round corners of a credit card). By default, al 4 corners are rounded, but on non-plastic cards you can choose to do 2 round corners (opposite corners). If you'd like something other than the standard 1/4" radius and all 4 corners, please include this information in your order comments. Not that we only offer 1/8" on the slim (1.5 x 3.5 and 1.75 x 3.5) cards.


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