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This is the turnkey, no hassle, set it and forget it marketing tool you’ve been looking for.

Place your order, we print it, distribute it, done!

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Watch as Jonathan creates an order and shows you step-by-step what to expect.

How it Works

Add Your Cards To The Cart

Use the drop-down menus to choose the right size, quantity finish and so on. You can choose to supply your own Graphics or pay a little extra to have our graphic designers create a beautiful custom design.

Specify Your Distribution Area

During the checkout process you will be asked to specify the address to distribute around or the neighborhood to distribute to. We will send you a map with the streets we will be distributing to for your approval or revision.

Approve Your Graphics

Whether you supply your graphics or choose to have us design graphics for you, you will receive proofs by email for your approval or revision. Our graphic design service includes unlimited revisions and nothing is ever printed without your approval.

EDDM Postcards Distributed!

Once you have approved your graphics and your distribution area your order is printed and sent to USPS for distribution. You will be notified when your order is sent to distribution along with tracking information.

FAQ on EEDM Postcard Distribution

There is three components to the job:

  • Getting your approval on the Graphics
  • Printing the postcards
  • Distributing the postcards

If you are supplying the graphics, you will have proofs within a few business hours. If we are designing the graphics for you, it might take a couple days to get through the back and forth revision process.

The printing of your postcards takes 4-5 business days from the time you approve your graphics.

The distribution process generally takes two or three days. So, as you can see the process varies but you might expect the whole process to take one and a half weeks or more.

Yes!! As you can see in our pricing dropdowns above, we offer a flat fee graphic design service that includes multiple revisions as necessary. Check out our designers portfolio here.

No, they are great quality 🙂 Best in the industry actually. Thick cardstock printed magazine quality. Watch our product videos to see for yourself, or request a free sample kit for cardstock samples.

We understand the terminology can be confusing. If you’re not sure what stock or finish to choose please watch these high-definition product videos or request a free sample kit.

Absolutely. Your postcards are distributed with United States Postal Service which is certainly consider the most reliable distribution method available. Unlike independent Distributors who employ low-paid temporary workers, USPS carriers have a career to protect and are extremely reliable.

For each EDDM order a sample of your postcard is mailed to you as a reference, and we also send you tracking information showing your order was sent out to the United States Postal Service.

As an example, five sets of postcards means a total of 5000 postcards cards, with five unique sets of graphics.

If you don’t see your questions answered here or in the product videos, absolutely give us a call. Happy to help and able to accommodate almost any request.


Why You Should Be Distributing Postcards Regularly

Build Your Brand!

It’s concretely proven that repetition build brand recognition and more importantly trust in your brand. The people that live in your target neighbourhood need to see your face and your branding as regularly as possible. Ideally at least once a month.

How Many Times Do People Need To See My Brand?

Of course this can depend on a variety of factors but a good general rule is that it takes five times for somebody to take notice, 10 times for them to remember you, and as many as 20 times for them to trust you enough to hire you.

Own Your Market!

When you’ve been distributing to your neighbourhood regularly for long enough, it becomes almost impossible for a competitor to swoop in and compete with you. You want to own your market with an iron fist!

Build Your Credibility

Every time you do a mail out, take the opportunity to let people know what’s new for you. What have you accomplished lately? Have a new listing? let people know. Sold over asking? Shout it from the rooftops!

Don’t ever forget, good things come to those who persist!

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