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This is the Parent of all printing pages. It is not public.

All printing pages use snippets, chunks, and page includes via the include short tag.

This is what the include short tag looks like with a test file outputting all the possible variables with none of the variable set:

Example 1

Example 2

Here it is with the variables set:

var1 = I did this 1

var2 = I did this 2

var3 = I did this 3

var4 = I did this 4

var5 = I did this 5

var6 = I did this 6

var7 = I did this 7

var8 = I did this 8

var9 = I did this 9

var10 = I did this 10

pricingfile = pricingfile works

productnameshort = productnameshort works

productnamelong = productnamelong works

designcost = designcost works

turnaround = turnaround works

discountflatsmall = discountflatsmall works

discountpercentsmall = discountpercentsmall works

discountflatlarge = discountflatlarge works

discountpercentlarge = discountpercentlarge works

discountminsmall = discountminsmall works

discountminlarge = discountminlarge works

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