REALdeal Keyword Report

REALdeal Keyword Report


Some Keywords Your Ads Are Eligible for:


IMPORTANT! Remember that you will probably not see your Ads display at all times. Your Ads will go off-line periodically in order to stay within your monthly budget. If you don't see your Ad ranking for your keywords, please try again in a few hours or the next morning.

Also, please do not click on your own Ads. Your budget gets used as you accumulate clicks. This means that every time you click your own Ad, it's one less real click and potential prospect you will have.


The Two Most Common Questions, Answered!

Why don't I see my Ads every time I search?

How do I know this is working?


Why don't I see my Ads every time I search?

If you don't see your ads displaying every time you search, it's not because anything is broken. Google's advertising program as well as Bing and Yahoo's are all 'Pay Per Click' programs or PPC for short. This means that your advertising budget is used up as your Ads get displayed and get clicked on. If displaying your Ads 100% of the time would result in more click cost then your budget allows for, the search engine will only display your Ad a percentage of the time to reduce your number of clicks and stay within your budget.

This means you may display longer one day than the next as clicks are accumulated at different speeds on different days.

It also means that certain niche's that have more traffic will require higher budgets or will be displayed more infrequently.

Here's a practical example for a fictitious client:

Hopefully, that explains why you sometimes see yourself not ranking. If you wish to see your ads displayed a greater percentage of the time, please contact us about increasing your budget.

Lastly, I'll mention that with this sort of advertising, the goal really is not to rank at the top of the page for a few of the best keywords 100% of the time. Actually, that is a great way to spend your entire budget on a few very expensive clicks/visitors. The best strategy is to rank for a broad range of keywords which generate a few low-cost clicks each adding up to a lot more qualified visitors for your budget.


How do I know this is working?

While it's tempting to gauge success by checking your rankings, or monitoring visitors to your website etc. etc. we really don't feel this is where the rubber meets the road. After all, in business money talks and...

My answer to this question is that as a business, you should always make sure you ask each new client how they found you and keep a record of this information. With that information, the success or failure of your web marketing can be answered with one simple question: Did you turn a profit on the advertising?

To break it down to a formula, it would look something like this:

Just to explain little further, you would want to look at a period of several months and multiply the number of new clients acquired by the lifetime value of one client. The lifetime value would be the profit on the initial sale plus the profit from expected future orders. You may also choose to factor in word-of-mouth from this new client. This gives you a total value of the new business aquired. Then you would simply subtract the cost of advertising and you now have a profit or loss value to associate with the advertising.

Of course, you may wish to rerun these numbers with only the initial sale profit rather than the lifetime value to understand how the advertising would affect your short-term cash flow.








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