Is this your first time? Watch this video for step by step instructions on ordering as well as what to expect during the production process and delivery of your printing.

Refund Policy

Our work begins as soon as your order is placed. Therefore, cancellations are not allowed. If you’re order has not yet been printed, it is Printing Peach’s decision as to whether an exception to this rule can be made. If your order has already been printed, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

If the order you placed is incorrect and you believe it was a result of our production process, Printing Peach will reprint any order that is due solely to printing error (ghosting, smudges, light ink, incorrect perforations, form alignment, etc.). If the order is being re-printed, no changes in copy, paper quality, quantity, or any such detail shall be allowed.

In cases in which the error was created by the customer, (typographical errors, wrong names, etc.), Printing Peach will reprint any product due to your error at your expense.

If a problem arises with your order due to an error on our behalf, we will either re-print your order for free or issue a full refund.

Requests for a reprint or a refund due to a mistake on our part must be requested within 10 days of shipment so please check your order when you receive it. Depending on the issue and our own supplier policies exceptions can sometimes be made but this is entirely at the discretion of Printing Peach.

Refunds On Graphic Design

Graphic design work is refunded purely at the discretion of Printing Peach. If a refund is requested on graphic design work, Printing Peach will refund a portion that is consistent with the stage of the work.

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