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Thinking about printing some lawn signs? Great! We have outstanding prices on full color coroplast and foam core signs.

Coroplast or foam core signs are a must for Real Estate Agents, Politicians, or Small Businesses looking to create awareness in the neighborhoods they service. We offer a wide variety of sizes of coroplast. Check out the Sign Q&A.

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Some Recent Peachy Sign Designs

We are all about helping you out with your graphics. Maybe that means tweaking or correcting what you already have (which we often times are able to do for FREE) or maybe it means having us create brand-new graphics that really make an impact. We do all of our graphic design on a flat fee basis.

This small additional investment on your part can often mean a much more effective marketing piece and a much more profitable marketing campaign. Read more about how it works here or call us at 1-888-587-2383 or Text 289-975-9956 to discuss.

Sign Printing Q&A

Corpoplast Versus Foamcore

Coroplast looks a lot like plastic cardboard. Looking at the edge of the coroplast sign you can see the two sheets of plastic held together by the corrugated plastic. Foamcore on the other hand is two sheets of plastic held together by a layer of foam. Coroplast has more strength than foamcore but foamcore has a more attractive super smooth appearance. Coroplast is generally used for signs that are freestanding where foamcore is often used when mounted on a wall or in trade shows where there is no wind etc.

Sign Stands

If necessary, we can supply you with wire stands for your coroplast signs.

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