Telecommuting: Working from Home

Telecommute for the Self-employed and Part-time Workers

"Telecommuting" or "telework" means flexibility in work location and hours. It also entails a work discipline, that of management by objectives (MBO)

Recently, I got an email from an ex-colleague and friend who took her redundancy package leaving a lucrative position as HR manager of a multi-national corporation. She's happy to pursue a home-based consulting whilst having "quality"time with her growing kids. And more time to do what she wants to do. She seems over the moon. Her husband is a technical consultant who occasionally freelance writes on the side. Great couple.

My friend adds on her email: "Besides, I'd like to beat the horrible smog nowadays." I was so tempted to ask in my response what she thinks of the recent issue of carbon tax but decided not to. Not on that email though.

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Nowadays, telecommuting is a common work-practice worldwide. Just what is telecommuting?

Simply, telecommuting is a work arrangement in which an employee enjoys the flexibility in hours and in working anywhere, especially working from home. Employees no longer need to rush to their physical offices and beat the traffic, provided they have their proper telecommunication links like mobile phones and laptops.

The term "telecommuting" was coined by an American engineer and physicist Jack Nilles in 1973.

Although many in the workforce work from home, others avails of mobile telecommunications by working from coffee shops or anywhere they can web commute.

Why have businesses, even large corporations, been enticed in seriously allowing telecommute? Clearly, it's not just the reduction of exhaust-saturated air from the transport that pollutes the environment, or elimination of health hazard to others. From business perspective, there are considerations like increasing cost of central office maintenance, productivity gains with focus on the employees output, and how to utilize available and relevant telecommuting technology.

Certainly, telecommuting is a great plus migration to home-based work especially among the self-employed, small business owners, and even those bent in doing part-time jobs. It's a great idea, provided a certain element of work ethic or discipline is inculcated management by objective. And more, a proven increased productivity.

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