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The Tribes We Lead A Marketers Perspective

We all belong to or are associated to some sort of tribe. We are are related in some way by our genes, our interests, our preferences or probably more important what our interest are. What ever that maybe..

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These aspects gather us into groups, they bring us together and it is where we create our own understanding. All movements need leadership, individuals who will organize the masses. People need to be associated and connected.

This is why social media has been so successful.

The way in which this works is people from all corners care about something. Social media provides a common platform and a community associated with your thinking who empathize and care as much as you do.

In every corner of the globe there are people who previously would have been isolated in there thoughts, feelings and interest who are now able to communicate in their specific community with the ability to discuss and promote their ideas to a community of like minded colleagues.

Previously people had to go out and find like minded groups which could be very difficult and cumbersome. They didn't appear magically, of course. For any community to form it is necessary to have leaders and of course you need more than one person to form a group. Leaders are just that they predominantly start by leading, then comes the follower, which in turn after a period of time becomes the leader, and so it goes on!

Social media groups are the future Why do you think Facebook and Twitter are so successful?

The old style of monopolies is a dead duck. Monopolies and conglomerates are really struggling in the modern world. Social media and social feedback are the key to modern day success.

Over the coming decades you will see new companies emerging who's leaders understand this dynamic. The collective power of groups and the exposure that the internet provides will provide self governance as companies will understand it's ability for scale (profits) and also it's ability to bring an abrupt halt to proceeding should the "community" decide that they have overstepped the mark.

"People vote with their feet and their purse"

As marketeers we are the leaders of our assembling groups (targeted niche). Assembling these communities of like minded individuals is the most difficult piece of the jigsaw in any business, the rest is systematic.

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