Are Your Marketing Systems Working For Ya?

Do You Have Your Marketing Systems Into Place

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Do you have a marketing system? No I don't mean making a sign and saying that you are in business. I mean a marketing system using more than one way to reach your prospective clients or current clients? And where you provide value to you clients with your product or service. A marketing system allows you to go anywhere and be anywhere and your business is running on autopilot and making you money. By that I mean making you money while you are on vacation, at a meeting, hanging out with friends or just doing nothing. If you don't have that type of system, then you need to start putting a system into place very soon.

If you want your business to run without you being there then you must put systems into place. Starting with a simple process can make all the difference in the world and make you more productive by working smarter not harder. If you are not familiar with putting systems together, then start with something very basic and then you can improve your system as you get better. Remember a system works for you 24/7 and can make you money without you having to be there. You will be surprised as to how it will work for you once you set it up. Now many times it doesn't happen overnight, but it will happen as long as it is up and running and you tweak it as time goes on. And also when you have a system into place, prospects and clients see you as an expert who is about their business. So here are things I want you to do:

  • Business Card-make sure your business card has the necessary information so that people can contact you and know what you do.
  • Email-Make sure your email signature is on everything you send out. Not just your name, but phone number, web address if you have one, your title etc..
  • Website-If you don't have a website, make sure you are connected with people in your local area and if you have a website, make sure your website solves the problem that people are looking for. Always put good contact information on your website and offer something free for people to sign up for.
  • Autoresponders-Autoesponders is a computer program that automatically answers an email sent to you. They can be very simple or quite complex. Auto responder is a perfect way to get clients while you sleep.
  • Voice Mail-Voice mail can be very powerful and can leave a lasting impression on what people might perceive what your company can offer. So don't just say anything or please leave a message. Many prospects may feel that you are not serious about your business. So put a message that will the listener with information to call you back and how you may be able to help them.
  • Ezines-Are powerful little electronic articles that can keep your clients at top of mind about you. Many people shy away from writing ezines because they can't think of things to say. So if you are not a writer, get a ghost writer who can help you or hire a virtual assistant to help you with that. But sending ezines can prove that you are the expert in what you say you can do and decide whether to write one weekly, monthly or quartlery.
  • Virtual Assistant-Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who works for you but is not in your office.They are independent contractors and they have their own experience and specialty. Hire one or hire a team of VA's to move your business along. What you can't do a VA can and make it seem like you have a large organization. In other words to make more money and to free up your time a VA is the best way to go. You only pay for what you use.
  • Teleclass-Now one low cost way to make money and have your business making money is to do a teleclass. Yes it might not be your cup of tea, but it is very easy. If you have a phone and a message, then you can do a teleclass. If you are new, keep it simple and as you get to do more you will get better. I would suggest you do free ones to get you started and once you gain an audience, you can start to charge. The best part is that you can be in your pajamas doing a telesminar. Also people can sign up 24/7 or while you sleep.

BONUS-Blog-Blogging has become the most cost effective way to make money while you sleep. If you put together a blog that adds value and good content, people will be visiting your blog on a daily or weekly basis. They will be so excited to hear what you have to say. And if you have products or services to sell, the blog is the best place to sell it. Put enough information there and if you need to fully explain the product or service, then you can send them to a website or a sales page your choice.

So stop leaving money on the table and put together these low cost/no cost marketing systems into your business and watch what happens. You will be surprised as to how cost effective they will be and how much time you will have once you put these systems into place. Now it does take time to implement, but they are well worth it.

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