What is "Thought Leadership"?

In a recent Internet search, I found "thought leadership" defined in many ways.

Wikipedia says it's "business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas."

Others consider it a management style based on knowledge, rather than top-down direction.

To blogger Chris Bell, a self-styled "freelance marketing gun," it's"an empty, self aggrandizing term that lazy PR hacks can preach to the equally lazy journalistic hacks writing any old nonsense for a lunch on someone else's expense account." He says business expert Peter Drucker defined "guru" as meaning"charlatan" and according to Bell, "thought leader" means essentially the same thing.

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Butno matter what you call it in building a business, it's important to become known for your knowledge and expertise, to set yourself apart from the competition, and to show that you're respected in your industry and in the world.

It's also important to be viewed as as market leader so that prospective customers or clients know of you and understand your value before you walk in the door. Gautam Ghosh of Accenture is widely quoted as saying that Simple, great thought leadership means never having to pitch or sell for business. that you becomea trusted advisor, counselor and partner, not just a vendor."

And according to marketing expert Barbara Bix, it's important to find ways to get potential customers to "raise their hands."

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