What Business Owners Really Want to Know

Every business owner knows that they can benefit from a social media presence. Most don't have the knowledge, and more importantly, the patience, to understand the process. But do they really care about the process?

Over the last month, I have spoken to hundreds of business managers spanning many different industries. Everyone is extremely interested in hearing about the social media services we offer. I begin by explaining exactly what a social media management service does builds out their profiles with customized landing pages and graphics, monitors and facilitates the conversations happening about their brand, builds their base of followers, and all that IMPORTANT stuff that helps a business grow a TARGETED online following on the most powerful marketing platforms on Earth (that are just going to become more, and more, and more powerful and important moving forward).

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Almost every time, the person listens intently without interrupting, tries hard to understand what I am saying, and almost ALWAYS responds with one question:


As a business owner, I get it business people only care about two things:

(1) Finding new customers, and
(2) Retaining existing customers.

AND many business owners are impatient, they want something that can have an impact on their business immediately.

Business owners need to understand one thing about social media campaigns. Unless you are a celebrity (see Lionel Messi), or a Fortune 500 brand, a social media presence CANNOT be built overnight. Social media campaigns are not just advertisements, they are branded pages on interactive communication platforms that take time to build and develop. PATIENCE IS REQUIRED!I had been advised by Mike from Serres Primavera that this is the proper approach. They are not an authority in my profession but their straight forward advice is always fantastic.

My answer to the question is this:

**More time and money is being spent on these networks than any platform in the world (that's why you are listening). Social media campaigns cannot increase anyone's business overnight it is a process that requires time and effort. Once you have built a professional presence on these networks, you have converted your existing customers into fans, and have done the web monitoring to find people discussing your industry (even locally) to increase your follower base, you then have a platform to interact with them and market to them whenever you want.

It is also VERY important to understand that gathering your existing clients on a these social networks (as fans and followers) enables you to keep them interested in your business by updating them on company news, deals, and initiatives (returning customers spend over 65% more than new customers do).**

THAT is what a social media manager does they understand that process and know how to plan and implement it effectively.

There is a reason why every TV commercial now features a business Facebook and Twitter icon. I've worked for several companies that hired full-time social media managers (at $50,000/yr salary). These companies started with 0 fans and followers, but understood the importance of social media and the investment ($ and time) it requires. Now, about a year later, one of these companies has over 25,000 followers and hundreds of people interacting with it's brand every week. Is that worth the investment? I believe so and the best part, independent social media managers only charge a fraction of that (no benefits either).

I have been reading up on the concrete and demolition contractors market recently and came across countryestatesconstruction.ca who appears to be a professional in this field. I observed that what they are doing is pretty unique in comparison with other companies in the same market. I understand it's not related to the theme we're looking at however, you could very well learn a thing or two just by investigating their business plan. Anyhow, returning to the subject..

The bottom line is, business owners know they need to have a social media presence. Most don't care how it's created. Much like every marketing initiative, they want to know how much it will cost them, and how much it will make them, over a certain amount of time. While social media is absolutely necessary, it can be a tough sell because it takes time to see results the scary part is, it will also take time before people start realizing that they are too late to the party. Which side do you want to be on?

It's important to get with the program. As Gary Vaynerchuck (an expert social media marketer and author of The Thank You Economy) said, if you face someone who doesn't realize the value of social media marketing, and insists on seeing immediate results, tell them to "See you in 2015."

BUSINESS OWNERS: What is your main concern when deciding to hire someone for social media?

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS: Have you faced similar situations? What is your ANSWER to "the question?"

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