In is in: Why Advertising Your Dubai Brand Isnt Enough Anymore

Heres an example of how creating and distributing valuable content can improve a banks lead generation,customer loyalty, and long term ROI. The bank could write a series of articles giving advice to older workers in Dubai about how best to plan for retirement and transfer their earnings back to their home country without losing too much to taxes.

The bank could post the articles on it's website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other online channels. If the content is useful or entertaining enough, some of the banks customers will share it with their friends on their social networks, blogs, and websites. This helps the banks SEO, which makes it more likely that new prospects will find it's article series on Google. The more people like it, the more people see it.

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Most importantly,prospects and current customers who read the articles will start to think of the bank as their trusted financial adviser and retirement planning expert.

Is everyone who reads the articles going to immediately buy retirement planning services from this bank? Probably not. But when it's time for those consumers to decide which bank to buy retirement planning services from, which bank do you think they're more likely to choose? One of the many banks that tried (successfully or not) to force them to watch a 30 second TV commercial or see an annoying banner ad online ordering them to buy now? Or the bank that's earned it's place in their heart as their trusted financial expert and retirement planning adviser?If given the choice, consumers almost always give their business to brands they like and trust, not the competing brands that spend millions telling them to buy now but ignore them otherwise.

This new style of marketing and PR is often called inbound marketing or content marketing. Its wildly popular in the U.S., U.K., and Western Europe, but in Dubai it's still unknown. The big advertising, PR and marketing agencies in Dubai won't tell you about it because they don't understand it and they can't charge you as much money for it.But consumers want it.Will you give them what they want?

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